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I just want to thank you so much for all you did and all the help that you've given to us.  I know we were quite a challenge.  You were amazing.  If you ever need an endorsement, I'm your girl!

Rebecca W


Twyla and CPR Credit Repair were a blessing to my family. Twyla helped our dream of owning a house become possible with all her hard work on our credit.Without a hesitation I refer Twyla/CPR  anytime anyone is struggling with their credit.
Not only did she help make me a homeowner my family has gained a wonderful friend.
Thank you
Dylan & Teea A
Post falls Id

Twyla, I can't thank you enough for all your effort, this is honestly probably the best money I've ever spent ( probably obvious from my credit report) ! I've recommend you to probably 100 people by now! Thank you so much!
        - Dillon C,  Coeur D Alene, ID

The process was so easy; I was able to do everything via email and/or phone, which, worked perfectly with my busy schedule!  Thank you, CPR Credit Repair for reviving my credit score! 

Stephanie H

Coeur D Alene


August 2015

Twyla and CPR Credit Repair did an excellent job with repairing our credit.  With all the hard work we are now able to sign our paperwork on our refinance of our home tomorrow.
Thanks  Twyla!!
Tammy R



Twyla with CPR credit repair did a FABULOUS job at fixing out credit.  She brought our scores up considerably!  We can't thank her enough for all she did!
Sincerely James and Theresa M


"Twyla and CPR Credit Repair were quick, professional and fantastic to work with. I had great credit, but had lingering negative trade lines and items that were reporting incorrectly, that were keeping my score in the low 700's. After working with Twyla and CPR Credit Repair, all the old, negative trade lines and errors were removed quickly and my score jumped into the hi 700's. I would recommend them to anyone looking for fast, trustworthy and professional way to increase their credit score and gain a better understanding of how credit works". 
Kevin , Coeur D Alene, ID  


My wife and I were sent to CPR and Twyla by our lender.  They said that she could help us fix up the stuff on our credit.  She did a great job and we are now in our new house becuase of the help that Twyla gave us.

James A, Coeur D Alene, ID


CPR Credit Repair really took care of my credit report. My credit sunk when I lost my job in 2005. Twyla took the time and effort to clear my credit up and still goes the extra mile to this day!! THANK YOU CPR!!

Pat B, Kellogg, ID

Twyla and CPR Credit Repair did an amazing job in helping us to repair our credit so that we could do a refinance on our hosue.  I would reccomend them to anyone that is having trouble with their credit.

Tammy C

Coeur D Alene

“Twyla at CPR Credit Repair was great to work with. She handled my client’s with respect, maintained confidentiality and returned phone calls promptly. But most of all…… she got results! I have several loans on the books now that could not have been funded without her help!”

Mark Butera
VP, Relationship Manager
Coeur d Alene Commercial Banking


CPR Credit Repair was so helpful in dealing with the credit bureaus when I had hit a brick wall. Within a couple months all my scores were back up where they should have been. Twyla was diligent and effective with my case! -

Heather, Coeur D Alene

My mortgage broker gave me the name of Twyla at CPR Credit Repair to help me raise my credit score.  I worked wtih her and I found her to be very good and really knowledable.  She helped me raise my score and in a few months I went back to my mortgage broker.  It was awesome and she even let me make payments to her on what I owed her for her services.

Mike I, Coeur D Alene, ID 


Twyla has been amazing to work with. She has gotten so many of the negative medical histories removed from my credit report.  Because of all her hard work, I feel like I may have a chance a decent credit again.
Thank you Twyla!

Tracey, Coeur D Alene

I have used CPR Credit since its inception. I am a mortgage banker and when I have clients that need help putting their credit back together in order to buy a home, I send them to Twyla-Lea. CPR Credit repair has a great success rate and I have been able to get many of the families Twyla-Lea has helped, get into their own homes.
Lucas Schell NMLS ID# 90622
P. 208-699-3384 F. 866-273-2979
Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

"I tried fixing my credit issues on my own and just ended up frustrated. Twyla at CPR Credit Repair got my credit back on track quickly and at a very reasonable rate. I would recommend her to everyone without hesitation."
Very Sincerely,
Nathan A


"I will never forget what you have done for me, as I sit in my new house doing Christmas cards.  I owe a lot of it to you Twyla.  Thank you"

DC, Coeur D Alene


“I have been in banking and loans for over 7 years, and it is refreshing working with Twyla and her credit repair process. Twyla truly cares about her customers and getting their credit back on track. I have no hesitation referring my friends, family, and customers to her. Thank you Twyla!”
 **This is a lender who deals with us on a regular basis but who must remain anonymous due to bank policy**


"I only wish someone would have introduced me to Twyla at Credit Repair sooner....she has been an asset in my life more than I can say....she gave me hope and that hope turned into success for me! And not only is she personable, courteous, and compassionate, BUT she gets the job done! She has been beyond professional, accurate, efficient and defiantely knows her stuff! I would and have recommended her for all your credit needs.  It has been a pleasure working with her. Again Twlya, thank you so much for all you have done....I would have never got my home without you! "

Debbie C, Coeur D Alene


Dear CPR

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the hard work you put in cleaning up my credit file.  Prior to working with you, I was unable to approach bankers regarding a commercial loan on the building even though the company's credit was fine.  I had quite a few turndowns due to my personal credit report.  Per the suggestion of one of our potential lenders, we employed your services.  You worked your magic and brought my personal score up from the low six hundreds to 693 all in less than 6 months!  It was more than enough for our bankers.  Thus, the firm was able to refinance the building and keep the business at this location.  I especially like your weekly credit tips that arrive by email.  I am enjoying learning the in's and out's of the credit reporting industry.

Again thank you for your assistance.

Gregory P, Dal Computers, Hayden, ID


Dear CPR Credit Repair, Attention:  Twyla Jensen

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you and explain my situation during the time that I was applying for a new mortgage loan.  When my loan agent informed me that there were derotatory items listed on my credit report, and that my loan could not be approved until these items were removed, I did not know what I was going to do.  First, I did not have the time to sit on the phone for hours, and second, I just did not know where to start, or who to contact that could take care of my problem (sometimes trying to get to the right person, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack).  I can't say thank you enough for the work you did to resolve my credit issues and coordinating with my loan agent to furnish him with any documentation that he needed in finalizing my loan approval.  Your fast and professional service made it possible for me to buy my dream home within the time frame that I had planned on.  In the future, should I have problems with any items listed on my credit report, I will definitely use your services again, as well I would recommend  you to any of my friends and family.  Thanks again.


Anthony D,Hayden ID


We hired CPR Credit Repair to help us straighten out a few things on our credit so that we could buy a house.  CPR was efficient in every way.  We had the items fixed that were necessary and we were able to apply for our home loan less than 60 days later.  I would recommend that you call them because they are honest, trustworthy and very good.  Thanks CPR


TS-  Spokane, WA 

My name is Jesse Crawley and Twyla-Lea Jensen of CPR Credit Repair was able to take an $1800 chargoff and get it settled for less than $100.  Then CPR Credit repair was able to get the item removed.  I would be happy to refer them to anyone.

Jesse C, Owner, Armor Fence Co.  Lake Havasu City,  AZ


Thanks for your help.  You can use me as a reference anytime.  Excellent, and quick results.

Robert W. Mac, Lake Havasu City, AZ


When I first signed up to have CPR Credit Repair help me raise my Fico score I was somewhat unsure of the process.  Once I caught on I was amazed at the results that CPR was able to perform.  I was not able to purchase a home when I started and am proud now to be a homeowner.  My credit score went up almost 100 points.  I am extremely happy with CPR Credit Repair and I would recommend their services to anyone who might need help.

Ben L

Lake Havasu City, AZ


Hello CPR Credit,

I started using CPR, early this year and the resuts have been great. Not only is my score up but Twyla has answered all of my questions in a timely fashion and made great recomnedations that have also improved my score.

Additionally, I forwarded outstanding collections to her and she resolved those very very favorably. Have nothing but great things to say about her and her service. Feel free to call or email me directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

Jorge P, Newark NJ


I'm very glad that CPR was recommended to us.

Dealing with Twyla Lea-Jensen was easy and a pleasure. She handled everything in our credit report quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to CPR our credit report has been cleaned up and we couldn't be happier,

If you need help with cleaning up your credit, look no further!

Ilse S, Coeur D Alene


"Twyla at CPR credit repair is amazing with her knowledge of dealing with credit companies and the reporting systems! I came to her in need of repairing my credit after a divorce, so I could purchase a home for me and my daughters, Twyla dug right in and made huge leaps up with my credit score! She not only helped me with repairing my score but has given me basic tools that I needed to help my score stay where I want it. If I ever need credit repair in the future I know exactly who to call!" 

Ben Z, Coeur D Alene, ID


i  was referred to CPR by a friend about 2 years ago. i had started paying off past bills and Twyla went to work on them and getting some to report correctly. since i have paid off all past due and Twyla has got all  either removed or correctly reporting.  Twyla has always been more then fair and honest with me. in the last year my credit score is up over 100 points. i am very grateful to

 cpr for what has been done. thanks twyla

Steve C, Coeur D Alene